Mother and Healthcare Professional Discusses Her Child’s Experience with Low-Dose Ketamine for Treatment Resistant Depression

As both a healthcare professional and a parent of a child who suffers from treatment resistant depression and anxiety, I have been quite attentive to the changes that arise in an individual after receiving low-dose ketamine. I thought it would be helpful to share my observations with others who are contemplating offering this innovative treatment in their practices or for those that may be exploring ketamine as an option in treating their own depression.connecticut ketamine

Though low-dose ketamine can alleviate suicidal thoughts immediately and lift an individual from feelings of despair which many have suffered for years, it does not cure one’s depression indefinitely. Ketamine, in my experience, has worked in a way that it offers hope to individuals and provides a new found resilience in dealing with life stressors. As an outsider looking in, I have watched my child develop the drive and passion to discover new approaches to help improve her mental health and overall well-being. – , Nurse Consultant, Mental Health Care Advocate

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